Repos in Costa Rica for sale

             Looking for repossessed properties in Costa Rica? You are in the righ place!

Banks in Costa Rica have hundreds of properties for sale every month, in  many cases way under market price, some can purchsed directly from the bank and some others are sold by means of auction.

When a property does not sale the bank will start lowerig the price until some one makes an offer or buys the property.

Do you know how to get access to the lists of properties the many Costa Rican Banks have for sale?

If you don’t, keep reading, we can give you access to the data bases of all these banks, they are updated every month and once you have them you can come back and check any time you want for updates, even better you can add your email to the notification newsletter which will allow you to get an email every month with the latest updates.

Buying a repo from Costarican banks is very easy and can be very profitable, some properties are priced as low as $3,000.00 which in local currency is around 1.5 million colones.

No Commisions to pay

No Middle person involved

Do it yourseld type deaf

For as little as $15 you will have access to the lists of repos and foreclosures for sale by at least 8 different Costarican banks (a list of over 300 properties including homes, lots, farms, etc), the info will be as the banks have it, in Spanish but very easy to understand and you can copy and translate using google translate. 

For less than the cost of lunch for 2 people you will access to information that could save you or make you, thousands or dollars. This could very well be priced at $100 and still would be worth every dollar, but you can have it for only $15.00

Payment using paypal, once payment is completed you will be directed to a page where you can simply download a file and in it you will have the links to view the information. This is a one payment only, then you will have access to the information from there on to check it as many times as you want.

Download the file provided after making the payment and save it in your computer. 

Banks Listings

If you are serious about buying or investing in Costa Rica this is information you must have, yes we know you can go to the bank by yourself but, do you really want to go to 8 different banks to find information you can get from here right now?

Not only that, you can check this information any time in the future beacause with your purchase we grant you access to the links where banks upload this information. 

What are you waiting for?

Think of this, being very conservative, you buy a property for $10,000.00 and this property is worth in the actual market $15,000.00 that means that the $15.00 you spent today made you $5,000.00

That is how powerfull and valuable this information is

Click on the Buy Now button and save thousands of dollas

Banks Listings