How much do houses cost in Costa Rica

How much do houses cost in Costa Rica ultimate guide

How much do houses cost in Costa Rica ultimate guide, this question is tricky because it depends of many factors such as location, size o property, type of property, etc.

To begin with lets be honest, foreigners usually come to central american countries looking for a house that gives them the same living level they have in their home country, with that said usually the prices are not cheap because the areas to look for thouse type of property are expensive and have been always very expensive.

Now, if you were looking for a lower level type of property lets say a tico style place where a regular local family would live, located in not a touristy town or city, it would be much cheaper than going to Escazu for example where a house can easily be $250,000 and above, with this kind of money you buy a pretty good house in any other country so why come to Costa Rica unless you juts want to be here right. You whould also do some research on what the cost of living in Costa Rica is because many times foreigners find have an idea of what the living cost is but they they get here they find out it is more expensive than they anticipated.

If you ask How much do houses cost in Costa Rica you have to be more specific as to what area of the country you want to have that answer to, This country is not very large in size but there are many areas to check out and price ranges will change from one place to another. On the beaches such as Jaco a 2 bedroom house in a local highborhood not high class could start at around $100,000 and above but if you go outside of Jaco to Quebrada Amarilla for example which is only a 15 minute drive I am sure you can buy the same house you were gonna buy in 100K for $65,000 or $70,000

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