4 must know things about Costa Rica

1. Costa Rica isn’t as modest individuals might suspect

This is quite possibly the main thing to think about Costa Rica. Many individuals expect that Central America consequently rises to modest travel. Nope.This is the greatest normal misinterpretation about Costa Rica. Indeed, its northern neighbor, Nicaragua is low priced however it’s is likewise probably the most unfortunate country in Latin America so you can extend your cash extremely far there.

2. Costa Rica is a little nation yet it takes longer than it appears to get around

Costa Rica is somewhat more modest than West Virginia and Denmark so it’s not difficult to figure you would road be able to trip the entire country in seven days. In fact you can, however trust me, that wouldn’t be exceptionally fun!

This is on the grounds that the streets in Costa Rica are never as the crows fly. They do have interstates and cleared streets yet they normally have just a single path. Sadly, all the large 18 wheelers drive on similar streets causing a ton of traffic and blockage. Furthermore, there isn’t one principle interstate with a pleasantly cleared street that goes up and down the bank of the country.

3. US dollars are promptly acknowledged and are the standard money in the travel industry

Lodgings and visit organizations provide their cost estimates in USD in Costa Rica. This is on the grounds that for a long time, travelers to Costa Rica were principally from the USA. Furthermore, Costa Ricans can have financial balances in USD as home loans and vehicle installments are cited in USD. US dollars have become the standard cash in the travel industry.

So when you’re attempting to get your cash together, don’t pressure a lot about trading it all ahead of time as it’s not 100% essential in the event that you live in the USA. USD is acknowledged in essentially every touristic destination.The best spot to trade cash is at the bank, not at the air terminal conversion scale stall

4. Real estate Properties

Even do as we mention in the point one Costa Rica is expensive and real estate is too, there are still deals available out there. We invite you to check out the properties advertised by sellers in this site, starting from 1 million colones and up. 

If you are not familiar with the local currency use this as a base, 1 million colones is around $2,000. One more important thing, as many locals dont speak english, the site is in Espanish, not to worry, you can translate the information to English simply go to the menu, click English ans that is it.

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